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Annica Mae Mattus

Annica Mae Mattus is a third-year law student and the Managin Editor for the National Security Law Brief. She is orginally from Arlington, Washington and graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelors Degree in Political Science,and a minor in Law, Societies & Justice. Annica Mae has worked at the U.S. Navy JAG Corps as an intern, the United States Attorney’s Office in D.C. (Sex Offense and Domestic Violence Unite) as an extern, the War Crimes Research Office at the Washington College of Law as a Practicum Researcher, the Office of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia as a Summer Associate, and the Women and the Law Clinic at the Washington College of Law as a Student Attorney. She moved to Washington, D.C. with the intent of expanding her understanding of national security law and civil-military relations. The Brief provided the infrastructure that gave Annica Mae both access to mentors to guide her in developing her law school career around national security law and a community of people with shared interests. You can read some of Annica Mae’s work at:  http://nationalsecuritylawbrief.com/implications-of-the-criminal-jurisdiction-article-of-the-visiting-forces-agreement-between-the-united-states-and-the-philippines/http://nationalsecuritylawbrief.com/sign-her-up-women-and-selective-service-in-a-post-rostker-v-goldberg-era/, and http://nationalsecuritylawbrief.com/legal-implications-detaining-latest-american-enemy-combatant/.

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