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Editorial Board

Editorial Board

National Security Law Brief Editorial Board

Founded in April 2009, the American University National Security Law Brief (NSLB) is the nation’s first student-run law school publication to focus on the rapidly evolving field of national security law. This student-run brief is a biannual print publication and daily blog devoted to examining the legal dimensions of United States national security policy. In addition to analyzing traditional security issues such as counterterrorism, intelligence collection, and nuclear proliferation, the Brief also examines legal matters related to soft power and cybersecurity.


Chris White

Managing Editor

Annica Mae Mattus

Online Editor

Ryan Johnston

Executive Editors

Eugene Mok

Casey Verrichia

Communications Editor

Cynthia Arellano

Symposium Editor

Anthony Bjelke

Blog Editors

Patrick Shaffer

Prescott Heighton

Senior Article Editor

Daniel Wiltshire

Articles Editor

Rachel Bauer

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