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Apply to the National Security Law Brief

The National Security Law Brief application requires three items:

1) Resume – Please submit your latest resume (GPA optional)

2) Letter of Interest – Similar to a Cover Letter, please write a brief (1 page or less) statement about why you are interested in National Security Law and why you believe you’d be a good addition to the brief.

3) Blog Post – First, your post will not be published, it is purely for assessment of writing ability. Second, the blog post should be 500 – 750 words. No bluebook citation is required, but please hyperlink to the sources you used in gathering information (citing to past NSLB posts is encouraged). Third, you may choose any topic that interests you, but ensure it is related to National Security and provide some legal analysis showing the importance of the topic.

Application material should be submitted here.

Please direct any and all questions to managingeditor@nationalsecuritylawbrief.com

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